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counterbore DIN 373 HSS M10
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GSR counterbore fine fixed guiding-pin spot-facer DIN 373 HSS 04034
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counterbore DIN 373 HSS M 10 for through hole, fine

Countersink (or also called Spot facers) have a spiral groove shape
and produce a flat DIN 974-1180 ° sags.
Their use: Sinking cylindrical Allen screws to DIN 912, 6912, 7984 and slotted cheese head screws ISO
1207 (DIN 84). Countersink for through holes are used to countersunk screws with a nut to fix. Core hole countersink are used for thread core hole cuts.

Use HSS countersink:
Steel, cast steel alloyed and unalloyed up to 900 N / mm² tensile strength, gray, malleable, ductile and pressure castings, sintered iron, nickel silver,
Graphite, short chipping aluminum alloys, brass and bronze

3 versions:
• for flat cuts in the through hole (medium)
• for flat cuts in the through hole (finely)
• for flat cuts in tap hole

in the following sizes:
M3, M4, M5, M6, M8, M10, M12

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