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GSR Gustav Stursberg GmbH
Schmiedestraße 4
42899 Remscheid

The Company Gustav Stursberg was founded in 1889. At first roll forged taps and threaders were made. There were no independent sales at that time. Remscheid's exporters brought “GUSURE”-Products into the whole world. Only in the seventies was a distribution system, to professionally serve the wholesale and retail trade at home and abroad, developed.

There were packaging solutions, for the emerging field of the DIY market with its then-new self-service concepts, developed. The product quality was subject to the change of time. Whereas previously tools were mostly made of silver steel, later, high-speed steel became increasingly important. Today GSR manufactures taps made of HSS material. Tool steel, silver steel and alloy steel are no longer important on the German market.

GSR taps, twist drill, dies and holding tools are manufactured in Germany and in China. The German production site is regaining increasing importance. In the future GSR will strengthen the German location and maintain the Chinese manufacturing facilities.

The quality control will be further enhanced. In particular, emphasis will be placed on so called soft factors, such as working conditions and environmental protection, in order to place the manufacturing facilities under the obligation of minimum standards. GSR manufactures its tools to the German Industrial Standard. To that extent the types of tools are clearly defined. The constant quality control during the manufacturing process guarantees a consistently high quality in all production sites in Germany and abroad.

We produce threading tool in a wide selection for various applications.

For use in machine tools: machine taps, taper drills, twist drills, Taps etc.

For use in crafts: hand taps as a set or individually for cutting internal threads, twist drills and taps with hexagonal shank for cordless screwdriver, taps for cutting internal threads in a transition, dies for cutting external threads or cutting nuts for re-cutting of external threads

Threading tool assortments in metal tiles complete the program. For furter information please visit www.gsr-germany.de.