<script> Artikeldetails Countersinks CBN DIN335 C/90° HSSG-TiN 12,4 mm
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Countersinks CBN DIN335 C/90° HSSG-TiN 12,4 mm

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Countersinks have a tapered blade geometry.
The most common versions are here: 60°, 90° and 120°. They are used for lowering, deburring and chamfering.

90° countersink are used primarily for reductions Flathead. DIN 335 Form C HSS / HSSE CBN ground version

The GSR countersink are produced according to the latest methods and ground with CBN wheels (CBN = cubic boron nitride), giving us a high surface quality,
Sharpness and longer service life compared to traditional ground-lowering guaranteed.

Size: 12,4mm

We offer the countersink in two quality levels:

HSS-G: (high speed steel ground)

HSSG TIN: (The TiN coating is for years the first choice for the coating of cutting tools and has established itself as an "all round" Finish The.
Coating is achieved a reduction in the friction coefficient and the tendency to galling.)

HSSE: (VA INOX stainless steel)

For the machining of aluminum, a TiN coated countersink is recommended that remain otherwise glue the aluminum chips

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