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45pcs. tap and die assortment M3-M12
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GSR professional tap-and-die set 45-pcs metric hand-taps round-dies HSSG 08331030
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45pcs. tap and die assortment M3-M12

Technical Information:


die stocks
2,5 mm
20 x 5 mm
3,3 mm
20 x 7 mm
4,2 mm
25 x 9 mm
5,0 mm
30 x 11 mm
6,8 mm
38 x 14 mm
8,5 mm
10,2 mm

Tool holder
Nr. 1
Metal case
Nr. 2


thread gauge

The 45-pc. PROFI tap and die set for internal threads and
External thread of GSR consists of the following components:
7x Taps 3 pcs each. (M3 - M12)
7x round Dies DIN 223 (M3 - M12)
7x core hole drills DIN 338
2x adjustable tap wrench
5x Die Stocks
1x toolholder
1x slope teaching
1x screwdriver
All thread cutting tools are accurate and slip packed
in a specially provided for the industry high quality
Metal cassette. The tap set is both for the production
internal threads and external threads to metric
ISO standards suitable. In addition, all tools of cut
High speed steel manufactured. These are for non-alloy
and low alloyed steel N / mm² strength, malleable and nonferrous metals useful.
In a good workshop include taps and cutters
standard. These tools serve individual
produce screw. They are particularly suitable for the
Metalworking. During Taps serves internal thread
drilling, enables a tap to both internal thread
as well as cutting external thread.
The Taps is one of the most frequently used
Taps types to cut an internal thread. In our
presented here set, there is a hand-operated Einschnitt-
hob for producing internal threads to metric
ISO standards. In addition to this, the set is a hand-operated
Dies at. Also nearby are lodged in Set available
Aids such as wrenches and die holders indispensable.
The adjustable tap wrench is similar to a holder,
which allows the tap clamp and thus easier
to turn to finally establish an internal thread can.
The die holder, however, is a holder for the cutting iron,
to an external thread to cut. 

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