<script> Artikeldetails Short machine tap DIN 352 HSS-G M 1.4 Bottom
Short machine tap DIN 352 HSS-G M 1.4 Bottom
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short-machine-tap bottoming-tap M metric with profiled centring-tip 00104
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EAN: 4014176000883
Short machine tap M1.4
Din 352 HSSG
consisting of:


Technical Specification:
Direction: right
Processed material: Steel
Tolerance: 6h
Holetype: trough/Salo

Thread pitch: 0,3
Core hole drilling: 1,1
Total length: 32
Working length: 5,5
Shank diameter: 2,5
Square shank size: 2,1

Able for unalloyed and alloyed steel 800N/mm² stability, Malleable cast iron, NE metal.
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