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This thread is a globally standardized thread, it replaces older metric thread and most threads with inch dimensions. The label consists of the letter M followed by a number indicating the nominal diameter, the flank angle is 60 °.
Compared to standard threads, a fine thread has a smaller pitch which increases the resilience. It is used e.g. for adjusting screws in measuring instruments because it allows for finer settings. The term consists of the letter M, the nominal diameter and the pitch, the flank angle is 60°.
BSP = British Standard Pipe. It is a british thread. Which mainly used in pipes and fittings. Flank angle 55°.
UNC - Unified Coarse Thread. The old definition NC is comparable with the metric thread. The new term UNC is comparable with the ISO metric thread. NC and UNC threads are interchangeable, in an analogous manner like the metric and the ISO metric thread. The flank angle is 60°
UNF - Unified National Fine Thread. Similar to UNC. UNC and UNF threads are the choices for the customary screws and nuts. The flank angle is 60°.